Título del Libro: The Complete Poems
Descripción del Libro: Whitman published his Leaves of Grass in 1855 and prepared eight other editions during the next thirty-five years. These incorporated completely new poems as well as extensive changes in those that had already appeared. The changes served to emphasize the prophetic strand in his poetry – Whitman as the exuberant champion of political and sexual emancipation. Francis Murphy has chosen to print the final ‘death-bed’ edition (1891-2) of Leaves of Grass, in accordance with a note of instruction left by the poet to his future editors. But earlier versions of many poems are also given in the notes so that the reader can follow Whitman’s development. In addition, the 1855 version of one of his most important poems, Song of Myself, is given in full in an appendix. Whitman’s early poems appear in another appendix, so that, apart from manuscript fragments left on his death, the present edition contains all of Whitman’s known work.

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