Título del Libro: Process Of Composition
Descripción del Libro: This series takes students from beginning-level instruction on basic sentence structure through the development and production of advanced academic papers. Examples of student compositions, written by native and non-native speakers of English, as well as pair and group work enrich all three books. “The Process of Composition: ” Prepares students for college-level work by taking them from the pre-writing process through a finished paper. Instruction in the use of the Internet for research. Instruction in locating resources in modern academic libraries. Not only does The Process of Composition shows students how to write academic essays, prose, and papers, but also how to critique, edit and revise work, how to write summaries, how to conduct interviews. The Process of Composition is the most comprehensive and accessible academic writing skills book available to ESL students. The Process of Composition covers everything from constructing an academic paper, and editing your work, to conducting surveys and interviews, and hints and tips on what is expected by instructors in major fields of study. Advanced ESL students who need to produce essays and academic writing in their studies at college or university

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Process Of Composition
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