Título del Libro: Photoshop: Secrets Of The Pros
Descripción del Libro: “This has to be the most unusual book on ever published. A very clever one, too, and a must-have for dedicated Shopoholics.” –“DingBat Magazine” “ Secrets of the Pros” is not your typical book, laboriously marching you through features, filters, and techniques. This book throws you right into the thick of things, dropping you ringside for a series of digital duels and artistic collaborations. In this groundbreaking guide top artists challenge each other in a series of Photoshop Tennis matches–and you get to peer over their shoulders. You’ll watch them put Photoshop through its paces, creating incredible new work under grueling deadlines. You’ll see which tools and techniques they use, and how and why they choose them when the clock is ticking and the world is watching. Open up this unique book and: Get caught up in the action: Watch 20 of the world’s top digital artists, photographers, and web and print designers compete, mouse to mouse. Eavesdrop on the experts: Enter the artists’ heads as they explain each decision they make. Find out how it’s done in the real world: See 100 pieces of original art dissected, component by component and technique by technique. Discover pro secrets: Learn how Photoshop’s basic tools are used to create fantastic effects in record time.

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Photoshop: Secrets Of The Pros
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