Título del Libro: Premices Du Desert: Poemes 1932-1956Autor: Mario Y Preface De Jean-yves Masson LuziDescripción del Libro: Libro de Mario Y Preface De Jean-yves Masson Luzi, Premices Du Desert: Poemes  No hay etiquetas para este libro.

Título del Libro: Poem Of The Deep SongAutor: Federico Garcia LorcaDescripción del Libro: The magic of Andalusia is crystallized in Federico Garcia Lorca’s first major work, Poem of the Deep Song, written in 1921 when the poet was twenty-three years old, and published a decade later. In this group of poems, based on saetas, soleares, […]

Título del Libro: Poem Of My Cid/poema De Mio Cid (seleccion)(ed. Bilingüe Español- Ingles)Autor: AnonimoDescripción del Libro: Poema de Mio Cid” recounts the adventures of Rodrigo Diaz, an 11th-century hero of Islamic Spain. The Cid and his legendary exploits were already the subjects of ballads, songs, and children’s tales by the time of this 12th-century […]

Título del Libro: Platero Y Yo / Platero And I (ed. Bilingüe Español-ingles)Autor: Juan Ramon JimenezDescripción del Libro: Juan Ramon Jimenez (1881-1958), this is a series of autobiographical prose poems about the wanderings in Andalusia of a poet and his donkey. This new, accurate English translation is drawn from the 1917 edition. This is the […]

Título del Libro: Pierre; Israel Potter; The Piazza Tales; The Confidence-man; Unco Llected Prose; Billy BudAutor: Herman MelvilleDescripción del Libro: The library of America is dedicated to publishing America’s best and most significant writing in handsome, enduring volumes, featuring authoritative texts. Hailed as the “finest-looking, longest-lasting editions ever made” (The New Republic), Library  No hay […]

Título del Libro: Peter Robinson Selected PoemsAutor: Varios AutoresDescripción del Libro: Libro de Varios Autores, Peter Robinson Selected  No hay etiquetas para este libro.

Título del Libro: Pet SemataryAutor: Stephen KingDescripción del Libro: Libros que también te pueden  No hay etiquetas para este libro.

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