Título del Libro: Poem Of The Deep SongAutor: Federico Garcia LorcaDescripción del Libro: The magic of Andalusia is crystallized in Federico Garcia Lorca’s first major work, Poem of the Deep Song, written in 1921 when the poet was twenty-three years old, and published a decade later. In this group of poems, based on saetas, soleares, […]

Título del Libro: Poem Of My Cid/poema De Mio Cid (seleccion)(ed. Bilingüe Español- Ingles)Autor: AnonimoDescripción del Libro: Poema de Mio Cid” recounts the adventures of Rodrigo Diaz, an 11th-century hero of Islamic Spain. The Cid and his legendary exploits were already the subjects of ballads, songs, and children’s tales by the time of this 12th-century […]

Título del Libro: Platero Y Yo / Platero And I (ed. Bilingüe Español-ingles)Autor: Juan Ramon JimenezDescripción del Libro: Juan Ramon Jimenez (1881-1958), this is a series of autobiographical prose poems about the wanderings in Andalusia of a poet and his donkey. This new, accurate English translation is drawn from the 1917 edition. This is the […]

Título del Libro: Pierre; Israel Potter; The Piazza Tales; The Confidence-man; Unco Llected Prose; Billy BudAutor: Herman MelvilleDescripción del Libro: The library of America is dedicated to publishing America’s best and most significant writing in handsome, enduring volumes, featuring authoritative texts. Hailed as the “finest-looking, longest-lasting editions ever made” (The New Republic), Library  No hay […]

Título del Libro: Peter Robinson Selected PoemsAutor: Varios AutoresDescripción del Libro: Libro de Varios Autores, Peter Robinson Selected  No hay etiquetas para este libro.

Título del Libro: Pet SemataryAutor: Stephen KingDescripción del Libro: Libros que también te pueden  No hay etiquetas para este libro.

Título del Libro: Penguin S Poems For LifeAutor: Varios AutoresDescripción del Libro: Penguin’s Poems for Life is the perfect book of verse to inspire, comfort and delight you for a life-time. Whether you are celebrating the birth of a baby, falling in love, earning a living, finding your first grey hair or saying your final […]

Título del Libro: PassageAutor: Justin CroninDescripción del Libro: The Passage, award-winning author Justin Cronin has written both a relentlessly suspenseful adventure and an epic chronicle of human endurance in the face of unprecedented catastrophe and unimaginable danger. Its inventive storytelling, masterful  No hay etiquetas para este libro.

Título del Libro: Paradise LostAutor: John MiltonDescripción del Libro: Libros que también te pueden  No hay etiquetas para este libro.

Título del Libro: One Hundred Years Of SolitudeAutor: Gabriel Garcia MarquezDescripción del Libro: ver todos los libros del  No hay etiquetas para este libro.

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